When finding a person to officiate your wedding it can be a tough choice.  In the first minute I met Michael we knew he would be the perfect fit. He was very personable and actually listened to what we had to say and get to know us. Everyone at the wedding was commenting on how amazing he was and I agree! I would recommend him over and over to anyone. Thank you for blessing us and being a part of our special day!  -Nicole

Personal and Professional

Of all the decisions we had to make during the wedding planning process, Pastor Michael was the best. We planned our wedding out of state, but he went out of his way to setup Facetime calls with us, invited us into his home when we were in town, and made our ceremony so special and personal. He made the ceremony serious when it needed to be, but also had a great sense of humor and had everyone laughing which made our guests so engaged in our ceremony. I had so many people ask us if he was a family friend and how long we’d known him for. He made it feel like we’ve known him forever and was so invested in our ceremony. I could not recommend or say enough great things about Michael and his wife Diana. -Nick and Kasey – Seattle

So far our experience with Pastor Michael Welchert has been above and Wedding 34beyond anything we could have hoped for. At our initial consultation, Michael was friendly, attentive and kind-hearted. He listened to our needs and also gave some insight into who he is as a person– a loving Father, Husband and Pastor. We adore him already and cannot wait to be married BY him! -Tom and Melissa

We instantly clicked with him; out-going, great listener, very experienced, spoke from the heart and really cared about us as a couple and genuinely wanted us to be happy, healthy and married. We wanted a simple, yet heart felt, deep Christian wedding officiant and Michael was everything we wanted Wedding 33and more!  All our wedding guests loved him and asked how we found such a great officiant. We were 110% satisfied with Michael’s services and would highly recommend him to any couple. -Melanie

We chose Pastor Michael because, he took the time to meet with us, in our first meeting he asked what our interests were and what we wanted for our ceremony. Pastor Michael is kind and has a very caring heart. My husband was telling him about some medical trouble I was having at the time and Pastor Michael asked if he could pray with me. That’s pretty special to me. When he showed up to the house the day of our wedding, I was a mess. (As I’m sure every bride is.) Pastor Michael took some time to talk with me and make sure I was doing okay before moving downstairs to everyone else. Then as it turned out, we were not as organized as we thought we were. Pastor Michael was more than willing to help us make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. We went with a traditional ceremony, and Pastor Michael pulled it off without a hitch. He was perfect. We couldn’t have picked a better person to preform our ceremony. I can’t thank you Pastor Michael enough for all that he done for us. -Summer

Pastor Michael performed a beautiful ceremony for us. We only wanted a simple Wedding 39ceremony and he added just the right amount of elegance to make it special for us. He is very personable, as well as helpful and interacted with everyone. He went out of his way, helping with rearranging chairs/tables as well as the drinks/food. He made our experience a fun and relaxing memory that we will always cherish. He is a very humble man, and appreciate him very much. We highly recommend him for any type of service you may desire.  -Melissa

Michael did an amazing job officiating our wedding. The message he shared was absolutely beautiful and felt very personable. He asked for specifics about our relationship and was able to include information we had shared throughout the ceremony. He also kept the audience engaged and the ceremony at an appropriate length of time. Ryan and I incorporated a unique unity idea involving rocks we had collected from our childhood homes. Michael was able to ad-lib an entire portion of the ceremony relating the concept wedding viara collageof the rocks to parts of the bible which discuss building a marriage on a foundation of stone rather than sand. This was unexpected yet executed so beautifully and is the portion of the ceremony ourselves and our guests enjoyed the most. When Ryan and I first met with Michael and Diana they were so genuine, humble and honest. We shared what we had envisioned for our ceremony and Michael was able to incorporate his own expertise while keep our vision in the forefront. I would highly recommend Michael for your wedding! -Ryan and Shanda

Pastor Michael is the best!! We discussed how we wanted our wedding ceremony to go months in advanced and without any rehearsal, he delivered an entertaining and meaningful wedding ceremony. He was dressed perfect and the price was reasonable. So if you are in the market for an officiator, please hire him. You will not be disappointed.  -Alan

Welcoming Presence

You really have a way with people! We feel like we’ve known you for years! So many Wedding Nevin & Morie 5comments on how beautiful the ceremony was. Thanks for everything!!! -Chris & Diana

Pastor Michael was excellent. He did a great job helping us during the rehearsal dinner and an awesome job during the ceremony. He was fun, easy going, and well organized. Our guests really enjoyed the ceremony and kept raving about it all night. It would not have been possible without him. – Morie and Nevin

Pastor Michael performed a beautiful ceremony for us. He has a warm, kind spirit which immediately puts you at ease. We also appreciated his humor and relaxed personality. We are very glad we chose Pastor Michael for our day. We highly recommend him.  -Ashlee & Dennis

Pastor Michael has a way of making anyone feel right at home, just like family. We were so blessed to have Michael officiate our wedding ceremony. He made it very memorable and authentic.  -Robert & Danelle

Wedding 13 RobinsonMichael was amazing from the very the beginning and so kind the day of the wedding. It felt like we’ve known him for years. He really made our day special. -Brittany

Pastor Michael was a joy from beginning to end. He made us feel comfortable and valued. We were able to have the ceremony we always dreamed of without much preparation and absolutely no stress. Our guests raved about his ability to be warm, insightful, and loving. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to officiate and join our special day. We highly recommend Pastor Michael and are so thankful to have met him. -Julie

Touch of Humor

Pastor Michael was absolutely amazing!!! He made our day special and memorable. He brought a light-hearted sense of humor to our day and still kept the professional importance of the day at the same time. He made us feel very comfortable. I felt like I had known him for a long time. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!!! Wedding Nevin & Morie 1-Elizabeth

Pastor Michael was amazing on our wedding day.  Every guests at our wedding simply loved him, they all loved his sense of humor and how personal he made it for us.  He made our ceremony very memorable for all of us. We highly recommend him on anyone’s wedding day. He makes you feel so comfortable and reassuring. We just loved him!! -Alonzo

Destination Weddings

Diana (2)

Our wedding was somewhat a destination wedding as we lived in San Antonio and were planning the wedding to be done in Colorado. We reached out to Pastor Michael and he was more than willing to coordinate and help us plan our wedding from afar. He was flexible to meet with us when we were able to make it out on a quick trip to finalize plans for the wedding. He did an excellent job meeting our needs and performing an exceptional wedding with minimal planning. – Andrew – SanAntonio

Wedding 25My husband and I are from Arkansas. We decided to have a vacation wedding in Colorado. Michael is very genuine and very polite. He’s great with families (small or large.) He really gets to know everyone and takes the time to make conversations happen. He also is great at knowing when to step in and help you if you need it. Our venue was setting up our wedding rehearsal wrong and he immediately pulled me to the side and asked, then helped me communicate to the venue what we truly wanted. He’s definitely there for you and supports you in any way he can. He is very passionate at what he does and he does a great job at it! I also love that he does pre-marital counseling and or post marital counseling! Communication with him is great too! We communicated several times before the big day. He’s easy to get a hold of. He does email, Facebook, phone, whatever! He’s there for you! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in state of Colorado and or is having a vacation wedding like we did!  -Katelyn – Arkansas

Wedding Vow Renewal 4While my husband and I were in Colorado, he was surprised with a vow renewal. Pastor Michael performed the ceremony like he had known us for years. (He even brought the yellow flowers for the ceremony). It was truly beautiful. We were also presented with a framed certificate as a very beautiful memento from the ceremony. -Nancy – Texas

Our Colorado Wedding was amazing and much more than we ever would’ve dreamed of. The ceremony is what I remember about our wedding day, because Michael was able to make it very special and personal to us. We loved our pre-marital counseling with both of them and being able to get both the male and female perspective. I would recommend both of them!!!!  -Jeremy & Heidi – Missouri

We had a very unusual wedding, which involved hiking in Rocky Mountain National Wedding 38Park. Pastor Michael is an avid hiker, and was definitely up to the task! He and his beautiful wife Diana met us at the outfitter store, we completed the marriage license paperwork, and we were off to explore the beautiful mountains and meadows. He had no trouble keeping up with us, he was sunny and cheerful, and was eloquent and heartfelt throughout the ceremony. We were so honored that he not only wanted to participate, but was very excited about the unusual setting. Everything unfolded exactly the way we had hoped. We wholeheartedly recommend Pastor Michael for your traditional and not so traditional marriage ceremony! -Megan – Atlanta

Amazing at the Last Minute

WeddingWe were so blessed to have Michael marry us. I called him the day before the wedding. He enthusiastically accepted and without meeting us pulled together an unbelievable service. He had the perfect mixture of traditional vows with personal touches/ wisdom. He was patient, kind, and helpful before and after the service. He is a true professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone. -Kelly

Marriage Coaching & Mentoring

We could not have found anyone more perfect. From the moment we started talking to him, we realized that he is exactly who we wanted to not only be our officiant, but our mentor. Pastor Michael is someone who will continually guide us throughout our weddings 30marriage and that is exactly what we were looking for. We consider him to he part of our family now and are so excited to continue to grow with him by our side. We highly recommend him for anyone who is having a hard time making this decision for their special day.  -Kelley

Michael and Diana make you feel at home, like you’ve been friends for a lifetime. They help you see what strengths you can bring to the table for your spouse-to-be and then help you realize your weaknesses in a way that may be painful at first, but freeing in the end. We were able to do this because of the mentorship of Michael and Diana. And don’t forget the love and respect. You won’t find more of it anywhere else than between these two people…and it’s contagious. -Jordan & Anna

Wedding Robe 2My fiancé and I are getting married in six months and we had found ourselves carrying a lot of baggage that was hurting our relationship. We met with Michael and Diana together and it was great because we had the male and female perspective on our issues. Michael and Diana are full of knowledge and wisdom regarding life and love. They held us both accountable for past and future actions and lead us in the right direction to first “understand and then be understood”. They made us aware of deeper issues that we had most likely overlooked and taught us that we can succeed with having a whole heart and not to know each other just on the surface but on a deeper level. We are so excited to see them again and look forward to our future!  -Chris and Bri









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